Theory of Fully Ionized Plasmas

Theory of Fully Ionized Plasmas

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Theory of Fully Ionized Plasmas deals with the theory of fully ionized plasmas, with emphasis on their resistant groups, namely, electrons and nuclei. A model of the fully ionized plasma is presented based in part on the assumption that the system is sufficiently large so that the behavior of its individuals is not affected by the presence of boundaries. Where this assumption is applied the fully ionized plasma is called a Coulomb system. Comprised of six chapters, this book begins with a discussion on the Coulomb system as the fully ionized system in the quasi-static electromagnetic field. The equilibrium and non-equilibrium states of this Coulomb system, with or without individual particle correlations, are considered. The macroscopic and microscopic qualities of the Coulomb system are also described, together with its partition function and Landau's solution to the Vlasov equation. The second part explores the fully ionized system in the general electromagnetic field and addresses single-particle radiation and many-particle interactions with electromagnetic fields. This monograph is intended for graduate students and research workers in the field of plasma physics, astrophysics, or related topics.Diagrammatic representation of products off-functions. If we drop the distinction of the ... A general cluster is characterized by the number of particles of the various kinds and the connection scheme between them. If a given cluster comprises aanbsp;...

Title:Theory of Fully Ionized Plasmas
Author:Günter Ecker
Publisher:Academic Press - 2013-10-22


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