There Ain't No Justice - Just Us

There Ain't No Justice - Just Us

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Based on an actual wildcat strike that occured in 1979, There Aina€™t No Justice, Just Us tells the story of a middle-aged college professor, and former seventies radical, who finds himself caught in the web of a mid-life crisis and a decaying marriage. In his search for a more authentic identity, he winds up leading a wildcat strike in a gritty South Chicago factory. Along the way he encounters a variety of leftists and African-American and Mexican industrial workers who lead genuine, if impoverished, lives. The wildcat strike becomes the psychological gauntlet through which the characters must pass to achieve personal integration. The professora€™s quest for internal wholeness leads to a love affair with a radical feminist attorney and activist. In the end, the professor must choose between authenticity and love, or continuing his sedate, middle-class life. Ancillary characters, including Cecelia Sanchez, a Mexican-American college student, find themselves drawing psychological strength from the unfolding battle and engaging in their own liberation strugglesa€”in her case, trying to find the inner spirit to move out on her own, away from her patriarchal family.... to the attached garage to do auto maintenance on Clarissaa#39;s new BMW and my battered old Pontiac. The BMW had mysteriously appeared one day. When I suggested that we couldna#39;t afford the payments on a luxury automobile, and askedanbsp;...

Title:There Ain't No Justice - Just Us
Author:Gregory Norton
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2001-07-19


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