Thermodynamics and Heat Power

Thermodynamics and Heat Power

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This book presents learners with the fundamental concepts of thermodynamics and their practical application to heat power, heat transfer, and heating and air conditioning. It addresses real-world problems in engineering and design - rather than focusing on abstract mathematics. Chapter topics include the thermodynamic system; work, heat, and reversibility; conservation of mass and the first law of thermodynamics; equations of state and calorimetry; availability and useful work; the internal combustion engine and the Otto and Diesel cycles; gas turbines, jet propulsion, and the Brayton cycle; steam power generation and the Rankine cycle; refrigeration and heat pumps; and much more.For use in engineering technology programs.... facilitate these calculations with the trapezoid rule method is contained on the CD included in the Instructora#39;s Solutions Manual, ... The first law of thermodynamics is presented in chapter 4 as a conservation principle applicable to a system.

Title:Thermodynamics and Heat Power
Author:Kurt C. Rolle
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2005


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