Thinking about Video Games

Thinking about Video Games

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The growth in popularity and complexity of video games has spurred new interest in how games are developed and in the research and technology behind them. David Heineman brings together some of the most iconic, influential, and interesting voices from across the gaming industry and asks them to weigh in on the past, present, and future of video games. Among them are legendary game designers Nolan Bushnell (Pong) and Eugene Jarvis (Defender), who talk about their history of innovations from the earliest days of the video game industry through to the present; contemporary trailblazers Kellee Santiago (Journey) and Casey Hudson (Mass Effect), who discuss contemporary relationships between those who create games and those who play them; and scholars Ian Bogost (How to Do Things With Videogames) and Edward Castronova (Exodus to the Virtual World), who discuss how to research and write about games in ways that engage a range of audiences. These experts and others offer fascinating perspectives on video games, game studies, gaming culture, and the game industry more broadly.It is a market that the traditional gaming press almost doesna#39;t cover at all, and doing so is more sports coverage. ... on it that I think is a little more hospitable to development, but the point being is youa#39;ve got a button on the controller to stream . ... I dona#39;t know whether there are good games on this new XboxOne indie platform.

Title:Thinking about Video Games
Author:David S. Heineman
Publisher:Indiana University Press - 2015-08-03


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