This Little Kiddy Went to Market

This Little Kiddy Went to Market

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This Little Kiddy Went to Market investigates the way that corporations are targeting younger children with a barrage of advertising and marketing designed to turn them into hyper consumers who define themselves by what they have rather than who they are. The book argues that school reforms, driven by corporate needs, are largely to blame. It begins by analysing school reforms in English-speaking nations - such as the UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand - and uncovers the ways in which business coalitions have persuaded governments to turn schools into competing business enterprises which suit corporate ends rather than the interests of their children.In English-speaking nations, school children can play stock-market games where they are allocated a notional sum of money to invest and the ... than a million U.S. primary, middle, and high school students play the stock market at school.

Title:This Little Kiddy Went to Market
Author:Sharon Beder - 2010-10-06


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