This Side of the Gate

This Side of the Gate

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Born just after the Great Depression, in this engaging memoir, Francis offers a collection of sad, joyful and comical experiences while the family eked out a living on their hilly West Virginia farm. The impacts of Roosevelt's New Deal programs and World War II activities, sacrifices and opportunities provide insightful stories of child and adult lifestyles, and many changes that occurred within this small agrarian community. Living without electricity was an adventure in itself. The Pleasant Valley country store with its pot-bellied stove played host to Friday night card games and story telling all told to be the truth until Gillette's Friday Night fights took center stage. Adam qPopq Francis lost his first wife and only daughter shortly after her birth. His youngest of four sons was tragically killed at the age of four. After four years he married again and had three more sons this author being the youngest. Mom and Pop taught their sons to act as qsurrogate mothersq to lambs in winter, chicks in summer and calves throughout the year. Hunting provided the traditional family sport, meat for the table and us kids income from selling furs.He was considered a capable pilot, but had, nevertheless, overlooked the federally mandated maintenance schedule for ... The etheric body serves as both the template for the physical form, and the temporary vehicle of consciousnessanbsp;...

Title:This Side of the Gate
Author:John P. Johnston
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2005-10-01


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