Those 9 Days

Those 9 Days

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The winds of change were already in place. The new generation found the orthodoxy and shackles of the earlier one unacceptable. This fast paced novel is about a south Indian youth Kannan Shivaram born in a traditional family who trains his guns on a regressive astrologer for trying to interfere in his life and make a mess of it. The astrologer on his part is motivated by the cut he was promised in the dowry amount if Kannan was married off according to his parenta€™s wishes. Hea€™s a wily man and is prepared to leave no stone unturned to gain his ends. Kannan and his two friends, Arun and Amrik have their own set of adventures that are harmless and delightful while combating the wile of the astrologer. To find out who has the way in the end, read a€œThose 9 Daysa€ It promises to be a romcom thriller.Ihave your account number. Just passon your pan number and IFSC code. I have the address of the bank. Rest I will manage.a€ After a pause, Sita found her voice. a€œ I have never met you. How doI trust you?a€ a€œI willanswer thatquestion madam.

Title:Those 9 Days
Author:Venkatesh Raghavan
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2015-02-05


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