Thought and Knowledge

Thought and Knowledge

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This best-selling textbook, written by award-winning educator and past president of the American Psychological Association, Diane F. Halpern, applies theory and research from the learning sciences to teach students the thinking skills they need to succeed in today's world. This new edition retains features from earlier editions that have helped its readers become better thinkers. A rigorous academic grounding based in cognitive psychology is presented in a clear writing style with a humorous tone and supported by numerous practical examples and anecdotes. Thought and Knowledge, Fifth Edition has been revised to help students meet the challenges of a global neighborhood and make meaningful conclusions from the overwhelming quantity of information now available at the click of a mouse. The skills learned with this text will help students learn more efficiently, research more productively, and present logical, informed arguments. Thought and Knowledge, Fifth Edition is appropriate for use as a textbook in critical thinking courses offered in departments of psychology, philosophy, English, humanities, or as a supplement in any course where critical thinking is emphasized.An Introduction to Critical Thinking Diane F. Halpern. pratfalls in 405a€“25; preparing a worksheet 429a€“43; probabilistic 371a€“2; satisficers 41 declarative memory 72 Decyk, B. N. 134 deductive method 294a€“5 deductive reasoning 180a€“ 1 definitions and control of thought 130a€“2 degree of confidence judgments 94 degrees of belief 344a€“5 De Neys, Wim 143 ... 480 Dewey, John 10, 535a€“6 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) 130 diagrams 469a€“76; and argument structure 239a€“342;anbsp;...

Title:Thought and Knowledge
Author:Diane F. Halpern
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2013-11-07


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