Three Chords, One Song

Three Chords, One Song

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After the death of their rock star father from a drug overdose, three very different sisters are forced together to decide what to do with their inheritance. But who was Mik DeSalle? Even though they share blood, they did not have the same father a€“ Evelyn Shelton's father was Richard Shelton, a young man from Pittsburgh's working class who had a dream; Lucille Williams' father was Mik DeSalle, the famous guitarist with Sheffield Steel who left Richard Shelton behind as soon as he left his first family and boarded a plane to Los Angeles; Soleil DeSalle's father was a musician past his prime, slipping into drugs and apathy with his new Hollywood wife. Once the sisters decide to work together, they find that others want to share the wealth for their own selfish reasons. Faith, Soleil's drug addict mother, joins with Brad, Evelyn's exhusband, to get part of the fortune. But Faith doesn't just want money; she wants revenge, especially against Mariah Williams, Lucille's mother and Mik's one true love. But for the sisters to find happiness and peace and to triumph over the obstacles placed in their path, they need to reveal everything to each other. And that includes what really happened to Evelyn's brother Ricky a€“ and what really happened to Mik.Shesawevidence ofhismost recent worka song halfwritten ona pieceofmusic paper, aMartin acoustic guitar leaning againsta chair, a portable compact disc recorder ona table. ... Shesaw theguitarthat Mik hadgotten from Eric Clapton.

Title:Three Chords, One Song
Author:Beatrice M. Hogg
Publisher:Genesis Press, Inc. - 2012-08-07


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