Thunder Rider’s Burden

Thunder Rider’s Burden

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Daviot, a world of magic faces impending destruction by an ancient curse. Magic has proved to be their ultimate undoing. Prophecy states that none of their own would be able to stop a€œThe Crackinga€. The hero of prophecy was awaited. A stranger arrives atop an iron horse, from a blinding light, a stranger to all but the woman Liesh. Her dreams have been haunted by this strangers face for years. He is the man to take up the sacred a€œSword of Braelora€ and save the Davioti from their shortsightedness. He is Harley Davidson. His past is fog of disjointed memories and illusive images. The only thing real to him is his love for the woman Liesh. For this woman he agrees to take up a€œBraelora€™s Sworda€ to make things right. A magical stone must be found and restored to stop their impending doom. The a€œStone of Intenta€, instrumental in causing their plight, the stone was long ago broken in two and hidden away. Upon the motorcycle that bears his name, Harley and Liesh set out on a quest to retrieve the stone pieces, restore it to its original state and call upon its power in an effort to avert catastrophe. Their road is long and difficult. Evil influences scheme in the background in the guise of a€œthe eldersa€ and a€œVellisa€ the god of the dead. Influences determined to stop Harley from completing his task. The would be hero is forced to come to terms with his value system and inborn sense of right and wrong as he counters each and every obstacle that they encounter, and to chose between what he has in the here and now or what he left behind, choices that will ultimately decide the fate of a world.As my grip loosed the sword, the thoughts and feeling that had just nearly overwhelmed me vanished. My doubt ... I had to understand the facts of the situation before I could surmise a plan to repair what must be repaired, if it could be repaired.

Title:Thunder Rider’s Burden
Author:Christopher Madonia
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-09-22


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