Thus Let Me Live -- An Essay in Humanism

Thus Let Me Live -- An Essay in Humanism

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This remarkable book is a celebration of our common humanity. Each of us is a self-aware, intentional individual capable of heightened autonomy and, at the same time, a social being capable of heightened cooperation. We each share in common the ways that we are better disposed to know and act on what is in our own best interests and to interact with other individuals, our communities, and our surroundings. We each have in us the potential for making a unique contribution to the whole of humankind. You will find here the means to live and flourish. First, remedies are offered for the ambiguity and absurdity in knowing, the frustration and futility in doing, and the condemnation and feelings of alienation from your dealings with others. Second, a blueprint is suggested for living free from fear, want, and ignorance; free to discover and pursue your own purposes; and free from doubt.Lastly, I found a way to integrate all of this into a coherent whole, a philosophy by which I may live my life. The physics, chemistry, and ... All human beings, myself included, are a product of biological evolution. As the human mind evolved, anbsp;...

Title:Thus Let Me Live -- An Essay in Humanism
Author:C.W. Vail
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2014-05-14


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