Times Table Tactics

Times Table Tactics

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Times Table Tactics takes an investigative approach to multiplication. The activities give children a wider and more varied experience of multiplication rather than just teaching by rote. Raise expectations in your class and get children to make connections in the times tables. The 20 short activities and 20 long activities are supplemented by photocopiable BLMs. Short activities investigate a learning about and using the multiplication grids a learning the 5 times table a 4 and 6 times table a arranging numbers on a multiples chart a exploring commutativity a working out the next multiple in a times table a multiplication equations a multiplication puzzles a using mental strategies and calculators creatively. Long activities investigate a exploring number sequence on a 1a 100 grid a looking at the 4 times table in depth a exploring the relationship between multiplication and addition a exploring doubling and halving numbers in multiplication equations a using known multiplication facts to work out unknown ones a exploring the commutativity of the 6 times table a multiplication strategies a how to use number bonds to work out all the multiplication equations a using partitioning to work out large multiplication equations a finding number patterns in the times tables a finding factors and factor pairs a exploring the relationship between multiplication and division a games and activities.Investigating Multiplication Facts Peter Critchley ... Ask the children to use Resource sheet 1 to mark each others work. Any child who gets all the answers right can move on to a different table next week. individual tests Set up a quiet corner where ... Display instructions so that the children know how to test themselves: Testing your tables Each tape has ten questions on it from different i times tables.

Title:Times Table Tactics
Author:Peter Critchley
Publisher:Nelson Thornes - 2003


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