Tinctures and Tantrums

Tinctures and Tantrums

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Otto tries to find out what is wrong with Hildegard. People have all sorts of theories, typical of the nineteenth century, such as she's possessed or she's mad. You wouldn't think the doctor would give her something that would affect her behavior to that effect, would you? It all comes down to her potions from the doctor and the tinctures from her old nanny. Now what can Otto do? Can he help her by taking them away?It consisted of Prussian Yarns, A Stitch in Time, and Tinctures and Tantrums, all of which are available through Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Kindle. Prussian Yarns was a foundation book, leading the way to two trilogies, The Snow Queen anbsp;...

Title:Tinctures and Tantrums
Author:Laurie Campbell
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-12


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