To Be A Hero, Stolen Honor: Inside the FBI, CIA and the Mob

To Be A Hero, Stolen Honor: Inside the FBI, CIA and the Mob

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This the true story of an FBI agent, a US Army Colonel, a decorated hero of the Vietnam War, and a true patriot, working to protect the country against enemies from outside and inside the US government. It is a chilling and disturbing tale of corrupt activities, tragic consequences, and sinister individuals, who fostered decades of nefarious operations that only served to betray and harm all Americans. The purpose of this book is to make the American public aware of information from insiders about the serious misconduct in the three branches of government. This misconduct involves people of both political parties who have inflicted devastating injuries to countless innocent people and upon American national security interests. This book focuses on political corruption and government complicity, organized criminal activities and operations, and United States involvement in foreign wars and the suppression of citizensa€™ civil liberties. Keywords a€“ FBI, CIA, Corruption, Richard Taus, Mob, Drugs, Americans, War, Army, Enemies, Vietnam, Politics, South America, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Israel, Columbia, Mexico, Guerrilla, William Sullivan, Mafia, Narcotics, Iran Contra, 9-11, Whistle Blowera€œIa#39;m doing my job according to the FBI Manual ofInstructions. I am not inventing these cases.a€ Grove ordered, a€œYou will handle the cases and your informants as I direct!a€ I appealed my situation to SAC Tomlinson who simply backed Groves.

Title:To Be A Hero, Stolen Honor: Inside the FBI, CIA and the Mob
Author:David Richard Taus
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2014-06-17


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