To the Cloud

To the Cloud

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Cloud computing and big data are arguably the most significant forces in information technology today. In the wake of revelations about National Security Agency (NSA) activities, many of which occur qin the cloudq, this book offers both enlightenment and a critical view. Vincent Mosco explores where the cloud originated, what it means, and how important it is for business, government and citizens. He describes the intense competition among cloud companies like Amazon and Google, the spread of the cloud to government agencies like the controversial NSA, and the astounding growth of entire cloud cities in China. Is the cloud the long-promised information utility that will solve many of the world's economic and social problems? Or is it just marketing hype? To the Cloud provides the first thorough analysis of the potential and the problems of a technology that may very well disrupt the world.I am referring to his campaigna#39;s use of cloud computing and bigdata analysis provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), ... Minister David Cameron, a big fan of the iPad and especially the game Fruit Ninja, ordered the creation of an app thatanbsp;...

Title:To the Cloud
Author:Vincent Mosco
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-11-17


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