To the Mountains and Back

To the Mountains and Back

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This book is part of a diary which traces the author's reflections and observations about politics, macroeconomics, war and peace during and between skiing trips in northern New England and then back to his semi urban working existence in Somerville, Massachusetts, a small city adjoining Boston and Cambridge. Employed in a fortune 500 corporation, he applies home schooled social science insights in an effort to understand why things are as they are and how they might change for the better. He attempts to get inside the heads of his coworkers as well into the heads of more public political actors in order to give the reader a sort of inside out look at the thinking and implicit thinking that may well be driving the decisions that American society makes. Topics addressed include but are not limited to the usual suspects: the effects of addiction to television and oil consumption, the effects of the oil lobby on the TV news business, an attempt to reframe the way Democrats frame the problem of disparate racial accomplishments in such a way as to allow that party to regain some or all of the influence it has lost as a result, it is alleged, of the way these disparities are currently framed. The writer has a blog on the Internet. The blog is at the perceived problem with capitalism, with lending money for interest, seems to be experientially that the act of charging ... the longed for lack of alienation that Marx thought to have been destroyed through the evoa€” lution of Capitalism.

Title:To the Mountains and Back
Author:Andreas Daniel Fogg
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-04


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