Top Students/Top Parents

Top Students/Top Parents

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Parents are the child's most important teachers, yet they have no formal training for their responsibilities. qTop Students/Top Parentsq provides the training parents need to assure their child's success in school a adult life. It offers basic strategies for raising well-educated, responsible children with high values, self-respect a self-esteem. This comprehensive teaching guide is reader friendly, practical a useful, having over 1000 fun, creative activities a ideas to help parent fulfill their teaching responsibilities. The author, a mother a dedicated educator with 20 years of classroom experience, knows parents' worries a concerns a addresses them with solutions that make sense...a really work. She shows parents how to make every contact with their child a learning experience. Her suggestions a activities promote family togetherness while incorporating valued skills of reading, writing a language. Some chapters are: qLanguage Development, q qFamily Literacy, q qHome Reading/Writing Activities, q qVocabulary Enrichment, q qHomework, q qFollowing Directions, q qMemory, q qSight Words, q qAlphabet, q qCommunication, q qResponsibility, q qSocial Problems, q qBelief, q qPraise/Rewards, q qEducational Artq a qLearning Incentives.q Top Students/Top Parents is truly a qmust readq manual for all parents, teachers a day care providers.A Manual for Parents Who Want to Help Their Children Become All They Can Be Kathleen Burns Learning Sight Words ... make noise field grew juice man none fight grocery jump many noon fill ground just march nor find grow keep mark north.

Title:Top Students/Top Parents
Author:Kathleen Burns
Publisher:Family Literary Press - 1999


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