Topics in Contemporary Probability and Its Applications

Topics in Contemporary Probability and Its Applications

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Probability theory has grown from a modest study of simple games of change to a subject with application in almost every branch of knowledge and science. In this exciting book, a number of distinguished probabilists discuss their current work and applications in an easily understood manner. Chapters show that new directions in probability have been suggested by the application of probability to other fields and other disciplines of mathematics. The study of polymer chains in chemistry led to the study of self-avoiding random walks; the study of the Ising model in physics and models for epidemics in biology led to the study of the probability theory of interacting particle systems. The stochastic calculus has allowed probabilists to solve problems in classical analysis, in theory of investment, and in engineering. The mathematical formulation of game theory has led to new insights into decisions under uncertainty. These new developments in probability are vividly illustrated throughout the book.This chapter answers the question: If you pick at random one of the many spanning trees of a graph, what will it look like? ... This article addresses the question about spanning trees most natural to anyone in probability theory, namely what does a typical spanning tree look like? ... Inc. a#39;There is also the question of whether any solution exists, Uniform Random Spanning Trees Robin Pemantle Introduction.

Title:Topics in Contemporary Probability and Its Applications
Author:J. Laurie Snell
Publisher:CRC Press - 1995-04-18


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