TouchStone for giving #2 (The Story of \Us Trilogy)

TouchStone for giving #2 (The Story of \Us Trilogy)

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The Story of Us Trilogy Continues a€b Elizabeth Parker has been found a€b Like a falling star she has come down to earth, landing painfully on the debris of a broken dream. What she thought of as love now seems no more than a wish left unfulfilled. Her future lies in the hands of two powerfully possessive men; each desiring her to the point of insanity. Flawless media mogul Ayden Stone oversees her voyage of sexual awakening, introducing her to new experiences and a secret world behind locked doors, away from prying eyes. But a€b is he Prince Charming or merely the great pretender? With a fightera€™s instinct, Dan Rizler continues to box clever; taking his time, waiting for the right moment to strike. He will have his Princess one way or another. Into this twisted triangle enters Elise Richards; a woman with a past and a passion for revenge: hell hath no fury like Miss. Richards. This is a modern fairy tale full of romance, secrets and suspense. Elizabeth Parker is about to be caught, held fast by the hand of fate; but will she be caught out or caught up in an affair of the heart, body and soul? When nothing else matters a€b you have to do or die.She brightens suddenly, sweeping away the sadness, preparing to lock it behind a sliding wardrobe door. a€œYou have no idea how happy that makes me.a€ I feel her ... Ita#39;s no small thing for him.a€ I nod and gaze at it. Shea#39;s not telling me anything Ianbsp;...

Title:TouchStone for giving #2 (The Story of \Us Trilogy)
Author:Sydney Jamesson
Publisher:SJ Publishing - 2014-05-09


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