Tourism that hurts

Tourism that hurts

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Tourism, for the uninitiated reader is a bright, sunny and interesting sector that satisfies the needs of resting, quest, knowledge, fun, curiosity and finally recreation. This kind of tourism seeks and visualizes everyone, in this tourism everyone seeks for the fulfilment of some of his desires; this tourism is being dreamed before the journey and this one reminisce after completion. In addition, tourism offers a lot and important benefits to an individual, to the destination, to the country, even to the globe, from financial, employment, social, cultural and psychological point of view. However, this tourism has some other negative, dark, delinquent aspects, such as sex tourism, death tourism, illegal medical tourism etc, all which are highlighted systematically and in an analytical manner in this book, as the invisible and defamatory side. The contributors - people that deacon scientifically and professionally tourism for years a€“ wish these iniquities and corruptions, to be known to the state as well as to the wide public, in order to find ways to confront them. This book is addressed to all those that they love, study or work in the tourism sector and through this are hoping of the reinforcement of its constructive aspect.Available at http://aegeanews. gr/default.asp? id=27aamp;lg_id=1aamp; Records= Detailsaamp;_id=388355 Tarlow, P. (2005). ... Available at doc/ knowledgehub/resource-centre/EU-notes-report_2008-2009.pdf The Life Resources Charitable Trust (2011). ... Managing Tourism at World Heritage Sites: A Practical Manual for World Heritage Site Managers, World Heritage Manuals - Manual 1, anbsp;...

Title:Tourism that hurts
Author:Pericles Lytras, Athina Papageorgiou
Publisher:Papazisis Publishers - 2015-07-14


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