Toward a General Theory of Social Control

Toward a General Theory of Social Control

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Studies on Law and Social Control: Toward a General Theory of Social Control, Volume 1: Fundamentals focuses on the dynamics, practices, and mechanisms involved in social control. The selection first underscores social control as a dependent variable and division of labor in social control. Discussions focus on the explanation of division of social control labor; concept of division of social control labor; conceptions of the relationship between law and social control; quantity of normative behavior; and concept of social control. The text then takes a look at the stage of disputing to complaining, liability and social structure, and social organization of vengeance. Topics include revenge among inmates, contingency of vengeance, design of vengeance, liability and conflict management, idiom of liability in stateless societies, and complaining and the direction of law. The publication ponders on the variability of punishment, compensation in cross-cultural perspective, therapy and social solidarity, logic of mediation, and gossips and scandals. Concerns include role of gossip in small-scale societies, therapeutic social control in individualistic groups and tribal societies, social organization of compensation, and existing theories of punishment. The selection is a vital source of data for sociologists and researchers interested in the fundamentals of social control.The facts are not contradictory, but the moral implications of the two stories are quite different. ... gossip is used to evaluate a mana#39;s response to his wifea#39;s sexual adventures to determine if he is a cuckold or a pimp (1978: 175; see also Selby, 1974: 74). ... with limited facts, to generate shared interpretations of the moral meaning of events (1978: 153a€“155; see also Bailey, 1971: 284a€“285, Haviland, 1977).

Title:Toward a General Theory of Social Control
Author:Donald Black
Publisher:Academic Press - 2014-05-10


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