Toward a Humor-enhanced Classroom

Toward a Humor-enhanced Classroom

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The inclusion of humor in public discourse has become more prevalent in recent years. While some teachers have worked to include humor in their classrooms, they often fall short of realizing the full potential of humor as a tool for reflection. This thesis examines the mechanisms of humor, beginning with ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and rhetorical considerations of humor through enlightenment and modern-era theories of humor. Ultimately, the text identifies how philosophical hermeneutics, as considered by Hans-Georg Gadamer, can illuminate the reflective qualities of humor. The thesis then imagines a unit in a foundation-level composition course which utilizes humor and hermeneutics in the service of eliciting critical thinking from students as they produce their own humorous texts.The best questions students will draft in that exercise will be ones that look for gaps in understanding on the part of the reader. Students ... Narrative: The class period begins with small group discussions of a€•A Modest Proposal.a€– Students ... Students pose questions and work through possible responses to those questions (the a€•whya€– and a€•howa€– of the essay) as well as generate further questions.

Title:Toward a Humor-enhanced Classroom
Publisher:ProQuest - 2008


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