Tracers Work Both Ways

Tracers Work Both Ways

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Kurt Weinstock has it all. Hea€™s had a secure job at the East Florida Shipyard for the past twenty-six years. His wife makes a good living as a real estate agent. His sons are headed off to college, and the mortgage is finally paid off . Ita€™s the perfect time for Kurt to think about retiring and relaxing in some Florida beach bungalow. But then, something happens and the world as Kurt knew it is gone. A destructive cosmic event occurs, leaving few survivors in north Florida and possibly world-wide. Kurt has to follow his instincts to survive in this new primitive world, and somehow, his instincts make him into a mythic hero. People call him a€œCaptain Kurt, a€ and they come from miles around, begging for his support and knowledge. What was once the life of an average Joe is now something quite different. Ita€™s not only the helpless that have come to Kurt for help, though. Along with dodging angry Floridian beasts, he now hides from incoming factions of survivors who do not believe in peace. Instead, they hope to exert their dominance over whata€™s left of humanity, with Captain Kurta€™s help. Now, Kurt has much more to worry about than angry animals; apparently, humanity is no better than the beasts.He wadded up some aluminum foil to replace the fuse and tried the TV again. The TV worked, but no channels came in. He plugged in the refrigerator and checked the amp meter. Five amps. He adjusted the thermostat in the refrigerator toanbsp;...

Title:Tracers Work Both Ways
Author:E. Nelson Stiles
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-09-28


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