Transcendental Mathematics

Transcendental Mathematics

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Science is about the mundane, visible world. Religion is about the transcendent, invisible world. Atheists believe that science is the only way to explain the world. Agnostics think ita€™s the best way. But is science actually a system of explanation at all, or merely a good problem-solving tool and method that achieves practical success in the observable world? Isna€™t science, like God, in need of an explanation? What is its ontological and epistemological basis? What limitations does it have? How does it define a€œTrutha€? Immanuel Kant, via his philosophy of transcendental idealism, attempted to explain science within a philosophical and even religious context. This attempt ultimately failed, but the project itself need not be abandoned. This book shows, via a detailed investigation of Kanta€™s philosophy, that the only way to make sense of science is via transcendental mathematics.Some clown asked why Alex Jones, David Icke and Henry Makow never mention the AC site. Well, Makow has done so a€“ to a€œprovea€ that we are antiChristian Devil worshippers! He certainly got the first part right a€“ we despise Christianity.

Title:Transcendental Mathematics
Author:Mike Hockney
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-06-16


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