Transforming the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Transforming the School-to-Prison Pipeline

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a€œRevolution, not reform, is required to release the power of teaching .... Virtually, all teachers possess tremendous power which can be released, given the proper exposure. We cana€™t get to that point by tinkering with a broken system. We must change our intellectual structures, definitions and assumptions; then we can release teacher power.a€ (Hilliard, 1997) This book was written during a time of growing upheaval and disagreement about how America should educate its students, particularly those who are poor, diverse, and failing school. Dominant educational research, newspapers, and popular movies such as a€œWaiting for Supermana€ continually fuel public debates about whether our 21st century schools provide justice for all, decrease the achievement gap, and leave no child behind. However, even though one of teachersa€™ greatest concerns and why many leave the profession, classroom discipline is rarely brought to the forefront of discussion. As a result, public discourse does not get into what actually happens during disciplinary moments that ultimately leads to the disproportional tracking of particular students into exclusionary school disciplinary consequences, which funnels an underclass of students into the school-to-prison pipeline. This book is a scholarly study, presented here as a readable story, and practical guide for walking teachers, administrators, and teacher education programs through the process of transforming traditional ways of thinking about classroom discipline and teaching in order to create student-centered, creative, non-punitive classrooms that authentically engage the most alienated and oppressed students in our schools and society.... my feeling is if Ia#39;m going to teach them what I am good at, which is literature I know enough writers of short stories, poetry, and novels. I very rarely go into the 7th grade or 9th grade and except for having enough books, a classroom set, the 9th grade text has ... my purpose to help a student to increase their self- confidence the famous psychologist from Stamford, self-regulated behavior is what Ia#39;m tryinganbsp;...

Title:Transforming the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Author:Debra M Pane, Tonette S Rocco
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2014-02-05


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