Transforming Your Go-to-market Strategy

Transforming Your Go-to-market Strategy

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Most distribution channels are outdated and unwieldy, serving neither customers nor channel partners adequately. Despite new technologies that have streamlined many transactions and processes, a general lack of leadership combined with flawed and deeply ingrained structures make distribution channels exceedingly difficult to change. What companies need, says V. Kasturi Rangan, is a new approach to going to market - channel stewardship - that simultaneously addresses customers' best interests and drives profits for all channel partners. In qTransforming Your Go-to-Market Strategyq, Rangan shows how any member of a distribution channel can adopt this role and learn how to shape an effective, constantly evolving, and mutually beneficial channel strategy. This book outlines three disciplines that companies must master to navigate the complex distribution environment successfully: map the industry channel, build and edit one's own channel continuously to best serve customers, and align and influence one's channel value chain to ensure that all parties reap appropriate rewards. Rangan also provides guidance on managing multiple channels, integrating the Internet into a channel strategy, and overcoming common barriers that impede transformation. A fresh approach to designing and managing channels for the long term, this book helps firms expand value for customers, partners, and the bottom line.CarMax, a subsidiary of Circuit City until 1992, has attempted to create confidence in the used-car market with large (60, 000 ... or through in-store kiosks, a five-day money-back guarantee, and a minimum thirty-day warranty on all vehicles.

Title:Transforming Your Go-to-market Strategy
Author:V. Kasturi Rangan
Publisher:Harvard Business Press - 2006


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