Trauma - An Engineering Analysis

Trauma - An Engineering Analysis

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A number of books and research papers have been published on trauma and biomechanics.Theyhavesofarnotbeenrealisticallyintegrated.Thebasicaim ofthisbookistopresentauni?edapproachbetweentheengineeringandm- ical professions. The available engineering analyses and mathematical models can be interlinked and glued together with the medical ?ndings by means of surgeries and X-rays/scans. They can be translated into vastly developed computer programs predicting e?ects of plasticity, temperature, cracking, and crushing with and without muscles and other interlocking phenomenon. The available mathematical-cum-engineering model on trauma and bone mechanics are then linked to the ?nite element analysis and to a computer programinwhichprovisionsaremadetocaterforallpossibleeventualitiesand medicalparameters.Theproblemencounteredbysurgeriescanbeeasilybe- corporated into hybrid ?nite element computer programs such as PROGRAM ISOPARusedinthisbook.Inallcasestudiesthesurgicalin?uenceshavebeen considered together with the bone material data for both the operational, nonoperational and overloading behaviour of the human body structure. In all circumstances the human body structure and its important elements were treated as composite. The bonea€“blood interaction has been incorporated in ordertoobtainrealisticsolutions.Materialpropertiesinthree-dimensionhave always been considered in throughout in various investigations. Engineering analysis of trauma is being continuously developed taking into consideration the ever increasing changes in analytical, design, safety, and manufacturing techniques. The engineering advances in that direction are steadily gaining international acceptance in the wide sense of the medical profession.... than 4I¼m a day and often much more, most characteristically in the fetus and in the callus that is produced during fracture repair. ... The mineralization process involves roughly spherical centers, impregnating both the collagen and ground substance at the same ... The osteocyte lacunae in lamellar bone are oblate spheroids, the equatorial diameters being about five times longer than the polar axis.

Title:Trauma - An Engineering Analysis
Author:Y.F. Al-Obaid, F.N. Bangash, T. Bangash
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-02-24


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