Treading Water

Treading Water

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After a traumatic event that turns her world upside down, Claire Evans, a once free-spirited young girl, embarks on a journey to her grandmother's beach house for the summer, looking to start her life over before going to college. By taking a summer job in a flower shop, Claire begins to realize the true meaning of friendship and loyalty, and slowly crawls out of her shell, leaving behind all the feelings and memories that held her back from enjoying the life she thought she had lost forever. Jake Conway, on the other hand, is outgoing and successful. He finished his last year in school as football captain and top of his class, making all the girls fall in love with him. Little do they know that behind those blue eyes and soft smile lies a secret that is eating him up inside. With the weight and responsibility of being the man in charge of his family after his father's death, versus the dream of leaving for the big city someday, Jake must choose between having a life of his own for once, or being there for his family. When Claire and Jake's paths cross under the hot summer sun, both try to forgive and forget the past and start on a new path. This romantic novel shows that we all need to forget the past and move on, sometimes by Treading Water. About the Author First-time author Carrie Wills is a student in Mexico City. Publisher's website: http: // that, I ran into the house, slipping a bit in the entrance from all the water. I tried not to touch anything as I ran up the stairs and into my bedroom. Ita#39;s a lake so ... Then I turned and started the car, which immediately turned on my Apple iPod.

Title:Treading Water
Author:Carrie Wills
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing Rights Agency - 2014-01


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