Trends, Challenges & Innovations in Management - Volume II

Trends, Challenges & Innovations in Management - Volume II

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Globalization has proliferated business with numerous challenges and opportunities, and simultaneously at other end the growth in economy, population, income and standard of living has redefined the scope of business and thus the business houses approaches. A highly competitive environment, knowledgeable consumers and quicker pace of technology are keeping business enterprises to be on their toes. Today management and its concepts have become key for survival of any business entity. The unique cultural characteristics, tradition and dynamics of consumer, demand an innovative management strategy to achieve success. Effective Management has become an increasingly vital ingredient for business success and it profoundly affects our day-to-day life. Today, the role of a business houses has changed from merely selling products and services to transforming lives and nurturing lifestyles. The Indian business is changing and so do the management strategies. These changing scenarios in the context of globalization will bestow ample issues, prospects and challenges which need to be explored. The practitioners, academicians and researchers need to meticulously review these aspects and acquaint them with knowledge to sustain in such scenarios. Thus, these changing scenarios emphasize the need of a broad-based research in the field of management also reflecting in management education. This book is an attempt in that direction. I sincerely hope that this book will provide insights into the subject to faculty members, researchers and students from the management institutes, consultants, practicing managers from industry and government officers.Periodical payment to a large number of groups by the customer is usually made by credit clearing system. ... Such electronic clearing systems bring savings in terms of efforts as well as cost to all concern parties Real Time Gross ... The facility to use ATM is provided through plastic cards with magnetic strip containing information about the customer as well as the bank. ... HDFC bank, ICICI bank and Citi banks are offering mobile banking in India in association with cellular serviceanbsp;...

Title:Trends, Challenges & Innovations in Management - Volume II
Author:Dr Ramesh Kumar Miryala, Dr Ravi Aluvala
Publisher:Zenon Academic Publishing - 2015-03-15


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