Tribute To My Hubby

Tribute To My Hubby

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A simple platonic love develops into something that outweighs a normal love affair. The story is written at the time when marriages were moving from arranged marriages to a more flexible mode. At the same time, not all marriages began with love affairs, but there was an agreement between the two parties. Young and innocent, a qualification for marriage at that time, Lindy is approached by Steve, and the rest is history. Critics label the affair a€˜incompatiblea€™. The marriage is faced with a€˜catfightsa€™ from all angles. Endowed with beauty and brains, Lindy draws loads of envy. Traps are set for them to be separated. As is common in people who are loving and trusting, Steve, becomes an easy target. In warning, him, Lindy would be misconstrued as being jealous and possessive. Communication between the two is hampered, and the marriage is shaky. The beauty of the story is they overcome the catfights, and, together face the world as one.With good qualifications and a wealthof administration experience, it was easy to get the job. I told myself from the ... the board of directors would quiz me. That question ... His holiday coincided with our wedding anniversarya€”1 March. We hadanbsp;...

Title:Tribute To My Hubby
Author:Lindy Mlanjana
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-06-04


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