Triple Double Speed Reading

Triple Double Speed Reading

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The act of reading is a complex mental process characterized by rapid forward and backward eye movements. Research has shown that the eyes do not follow a line of text continuously, but move in short stops and rapid movements. The movements can provide a visual record of the person's reading pattern and show how the information is being received and processed. Fast readers move and fix their eyes on a different spot about four times a second. During the time when their eyes are fixed, new information is brought in and processed. The fixed time periods are measured in thousandths of a second or milliseconds (ms). The duration of the average fixation is 225 ms. A movement lasts about 30 ms; during this time, reception of new visual information is suppressed. This gives the brain time to process the information it has already received and ensures that this older information is understood before new information comes into play. Scan and fixation times can also be measured by individual words. Long and unfamiliar words will have a longer fixation time. Short and familiar words will have a shorter fixation time. The scan time for short one-syllable words can be so brief that it is hardly measurable. Longer one-syllable-words need only one scan and one brief fixation or pause. Multi-syllable words need one complete scan from beginning to end that normally includes a brief pause for each syllable. However, speed readers can scan and read longer words in one movement. By conducting reading research and studying reading habits, scientists have found that the average eye movement distance is about eight characters and the average size word is five characters. This gives fast readers an overlap of three characters. Speed readers have learned to use this overlap along with fewer eye movements to increase their reading speeds.The act of reading is a complex mental process characterized by rapid forward and backward eye movements.

Title:Triple Double Speed Reading
Author:Dennis Brooks
Publisher:Speedy Publishing LLC - 2015-04-20


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