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Annually, a quarter of a million children enter the foster care system in the United States because of abuse and neglect. The novel Triumph opens with a young mother suffocating her infant daughter, Katie, to gain attention due to Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Katiea€™s journey, through her rescue and placement into foster care, opens the door into the cloistered world of juvenile court justicea€”a system where juveniles are locked away in jail cells, sent to foster homes, and placed in therapeutic residential centersa€”all from public view. The writer, a superior court judge, now retired, provides the reader with the portal through his experience in the system. Through this portal, a kaleidoscopic array of trials and tribulations involving protagonist Katie and other juveniles inside and outside the courthouse clamor for the readera€™s attention as our heroine barely escapes another active plot to kill her. Extrapolated from actual court records; spiced with a subtext of love, sex, and murder; uncovering government corruption, as well as adventure in the heart-wrenching stories of children; Triumph emerges from its journey well-traveled through turmoil and eventual victory.She checked her mirrors, placed her cell phone in the console holder, and turned up the volume on the radio. Shehadna#39;t noticed the dark colored Ford SUV following her. Tony kept the Mini Cooper in his sights. Ralph, riding shotgunandanbsp;...

Author:Judge Clarence Jones
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-01-23


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