Troubled Spirits with Medium Loraine Rees

Troubled Spirits with Medium Loraine Rees

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In this second book on the medium LORAINE REES, the clairvoyant works with a former Scotland Yard detective and a sketch artist to explore astonishing truths from the other side, including the true identity of Jack The Ripper. She also helps to ease the troubled anger of a woman after death, which reveals with stunning clarity how a soul can continue to grow and evolve even on the other side. Loraine's detailed messages from loved ones are supported by remarkably accurate sketches as well as the occasional and shocking photograph. Her work gives great comfort to many as she verifies with love and warmth the bold truth of life after death. Documented by Loraine's biographer Dr. Mary Ross, TROUBLED SPIRITS WITH MEDIUM LORAINE REES gives you an insider's view of the working life of a respected psychic who has helped the police solve difficult crime cases, and a rare glimpse into the window to the other side.Dr. Mary Ross. APPENDIX C: BOOKS BY DR. GARY SCHWARTZ Gary Schwartz, PhD is one of the leading researchers in the field of parapsychology who explores psychic phenomena and related topics using scientific principles andanbsp;...

Title:Troubled Spirits with Medium Loraine Rees
Author:Dr. Mary Ross - 2014-11-11


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