Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy

Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy

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Avrum Stroll investigates the qfamily resemblancesq between that impressive breed of thinkers known as analytic philosophers. In so doing, he grapples with the point and purpose of doing philosophy: What is philosophy? What are its tasks? What kind of information, illumination, and understanding is it supposed to provide if it is not one of the natural sciences?He had a short paper in a 1932 symposium, a€œIs Goodness a Quality? ... The remainder of the chapter will thus be devoted to these topics. ... later writings fall into two categories that are closely connected but that should be separated for expository purposes. ... Idealism, whether of the subjectivist or absolutist variety, maintains that the basic a€œstuffa€ of reality is mental. ... It claims that the world contains ingredients whose existence does not depend either logically or causally upon anyanbsp;...

Title:Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy
Author:Avrum Stroll
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2000-08-05


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