U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies

U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies

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Now you can score higher in chemistry Every high school requires a course in chemistry for graduation, and many universities require the course for majors in medicine, engineering, biology, and various other sciences. U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies offers all the howa€“to content you need to enhance your classroom learning, simplify complicated topics, and deepen your understanding of oftena€“intimidating course material. Plus, youa€²ll find easya€“toa€“follow examples and hundreds of practice problems as well as access to 1, 001 additional Chemistry I practice problems online! As more and more students enroll in chemistry courses, , the need for a trusted and accessible resource to aid in study has never been greater. Thata€²s where U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies comes in! If youa€²re struggling in the classroom, this handsa€“on, friendly guide makes it easy to conquer chemistry. Simplifies basic chemistry principles Clearly explains the concepts of matter and energy, atoms and molecules, and acids and bases Helps you tackle problems you may face in your Chemistry I course Combines a€²howa€“toa€² with a€²try ita€² to form one perfect resource for chemistry students If youa€²re confused by chemistry and want to increase your chances of scoring your very best at exam time, U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies shows you that you can!Practice. Answers. 1. Solve these kinds of problems by using the definition of molarity and conversion factors. In parts (b) and (c), you must first convert your mass in grams to moles. To do so, you divide by the molar mass from the periodic anbsp;...

Title:U Can: Chemistry I For Dummies
Author:John T. Moore, Chris Hren, Consumer Dummies, Peter J. Mikulecky
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-08-10


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