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Mic Insky's impeccable take on modern debt and what it means to be a contemporary debtor is destined to redefine Americans in the red. Uncollectible is a brilliantly told, powerfully written, honest, and intelligent account of a young college dropout going for broke against conventional wisdom and seemingly against all odds. Mic Insky turns mainstream wisdom upside down, while bringing common sense back to the chalkboard for anyone planning on getting-or staying-free from the burdens of debt. Uncollectible is a must-read for all young people heading off to college as well as for older adults struggling with decades of debt. A sensational, crucial book for any young man or woman coming of age in the time of easy credit, or for anyone who is concerned about someone locked in a cycle of debt. qUncollectibleq is eye-opening, witty, unreservedly riveting, and fated to become a classic.A Book About Escaping Credit Card Debt Mic Insky. of repaying that ... Instead, my money went to Chase or Citibank or American Express or Sofa Express the Home Depot or Target or Sama#39;s Club or Discover (Ia#39;m sure Ia#39;m leaving some out).

Author:Mic Insky
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-12-01


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