Underneath MY SKIN

Underneath MY SKIN

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This book, qUnderneath My Skinq; explores the painful fears of exposure that millions of qBlack Americansq who are presently passing for qWhiteq experience every day of their lives. They have to weigh the advantages of their success based on their skin color and fictitious racial claim, against life as a qSecond Class Citizenq in an unequal Black Society. Many have made the jump and taken the risk. But, there are some who have been unwillingly drawn into this life experience. Such is the case of Jennifer Reynolds, who was caught up with pleasing her parents and older brother who was already successfully passing for White in college. Jennifer's mother Elizabeth was White. Her father James was a very fair skin black with curly dark brown flaxen hair himself. He often spoke of his grandfather who was Irish and his grandmother who was Negro. He was determined that his children would have the same benefits accorded to White people. Jennifer's motto was, qI'm Black and I'm proud.q Jennifer was aware that there was a difference between status of White and Black People in her state and community, but she had no idea of the extreme severity until she lived the experience. She was a qBlack womanq in a qWhite woman's body.qJuan Castilloa#39;s Black XJ8 Jaguar with aluminum wire wheels pulled up to the House he had given to Victor. He had been on the road for four hours without ... a€œ Yes, it is 5099, push that code and hit enter!a€ The driver followed his instructions andanbsp;...

Title:Underneath MY SKIN
Author:Matthew Smith Jr.
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2014-07-14


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