Understanding Teaching and Learning

Understanding Teaching and Learning

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a€c How do children, individually and collectively, make meanings of their learning experiences? a€c How can teachers become aware of childrena€™s meaning making on an ongoing basis? a€c Is it possible and useful to create an integrated theory of student learning? a€c How can classroom research enhance critical understandings of the situated nature of learning and teaching, while taking into account the systemic and educational policy contexts? a€c How do differences, such as class, race, culture, gender and sexualities, interact with student learning? a€c How can teachers respond effectively to the realities of todaya€™s diverse classrooms? a€c What are the current and emerging issues in classroom research? These are just some of the questions this book grapples with. It pays tribute to Professor Graham Nuthalla€™s (1935-2004) research contributions - a pioneering and internationally renowned classroom researcher of teaching and learning from New Zealand. It has been written by emerging and experienced classroom researchers from several countries as part of a project aimed at building on and extending Nuthalla€™s research and promoting the conducting, teaching and supervision of classroom research. The authors engage critically with theoretical, methodological and pedagogical possibilities of their research using Nuthalla€™s work as a springboard. As a result, all authors make links between theory and practice. Further, several leading international researchers contribute comments on future directions for classroom research and its relevance for teaching and learning. Understanding teaching and Learning: Classroom Research Revisited would be of interest to practicing or prospective teachers and teacher educators, as well as scholars and students of teaching and learning.Constructivist Lens The broad collection of constructivist theories relating to learning have in common their ... is in the individual; learning and understanding are regarded as inherently social; cultural activities and tools (ranging from symbolanbsp;...

Title:Understanding Teaching and Learning
Author:Baljit Kaur
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-17


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