Understanding Ultra Wide Band Radio Fundamentals

Understanding Ultra Wide Band Radio Fundamentals

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Combines the theory and practical - with simulation tools for the understanding and design of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) communication networks. UWB is a revolutionary technology - recently receiving FCC approval. The UWB standard has several advantages including high transmission rates and the ability to carry signals while accounting for solid matter interference. Provides a theoretical analysis of the fundamentals of UWB radio communications supported by practical examples developed using computer simulations using MATLAB. UWB devices can be used for a variety of communications applications involving the transmission of very high data rates over short distances without suffering the effects of multi-path interference. UWB communication devices could be used to wirelessly distribute services such as phone, cable, and computer networking throughout a building or home. These devices could also be utilized by police, fire, and rescue personnel to provide covert, secure communications devices. The book presents the theoretical analysis of fundamental principles of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio communications supported by practical examples developed using computer simulation. The simulation codes are provided in the form of user-customizable MATLAB) functions which are included in the book. The examples are inserted within the theoretical treatise in order to help and guide the reader in the understanding of analytical principles. The book covers issues related to both UWB signal transmission and UWB network organization. In particular, the topics covered by the book are: principles of UWB radio transmission and modulation (PPM, PAM and DS-UWB for Impulse Radio, OFDM for the multi-band approach), UWB channel modeling, receiver structures, Multi User Interference modeling, Localization, Network organization: advanced Medium Access Control and routing design strategies.... Task Group 3a, Available at www.multibandofdm.org/papers/15-03-0268-01- 003aMulti-band-CFPDocument.pdf (September 2003). ... Black, H.S., J.W. Beyer, T.J. Grieser, and F.A. Polkinghorn, a€œA multichannel microwave radio relay system, a€ AIEE ... Systems: First report and order, a€ Technical Report FCC 02-48 (adopted February, 14 2002; released April 22, 2002). ... and physical layer (PHY) specifications for high rate wireless personal area networks (WPANs), a€ ( September 2003).

Title:Understanding Ultra Wide Band Radio Fundamentals
Author:Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto, Guerino Giancola
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2004-06-17


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