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Balancing a career and a relationship is never easy, and it's even harder when you are on the road and everyone wants a piece of you. Becoming a member of an all-woman acoustic band on the bluegrass festival circuit was certainly not what Michele Scott had envisioned for herself as a young music major. A pop star is what she'd set out to be. Instead, she found her soul in an upright bass and the mountain music that some called a€œhick.a€ Three weeks before Michelea€™s band sets out on their first tour she collides with the mesmerizing and irresistible David Blackstonea€”a man whose startling blue-green eyes and commanding presence make her insides melt like a spent candle. But Michele's last romance ended in heartbreak over her choice of career. She's worked far too hard to risk trying to manage a career and life on the road with a long distance relationship. Her music gives her life, yet her heart yearns for something more. Can a girl have it all? Trusting David is a risk that may give her everything she wants or it will close her heart forever.Michele pointed to the sixyearold Toyota Corolla two spaces down the block. She still had his arm locked up in hers with her face snuggled gently against his shoulder. a€œWhich onea#39;s yours?a€ a€œRight over ... As he slid behind the steering wheel, Michele blurted out, a€œThis is the sexiest car Ia#39;ve ever seen!a€ a€œIa#39;m glad you think so.

Author:Maggie Jaimeson
Publisher:Windtree Press - 2014-08-08


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