UNIX unleashed

UNIX unleashed

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Coverage includes the following: Graphical user interfaces for end-user and programmer - Text editing with vi and emacs - Program in awk, Perl, C, C++ - Text formatting with troff/nroff using macro packages - Writing your own macros, additional tools for writers - Jump-start on security: risks, technologies and organizations - Internet refresher course: HTML, MIME formats, HTTP - Interactive web sites with CGI using Shell, Perl, C or C++. - Monitor a optimize web server Source control using RCS, CVS and SCCS - Frequently Asked Questions: SVR4, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, IRIX, BSD, SunOS, Linux - Glossary of technical terms Disk Content Summary... for Networks), 544 spooler, cover pages (HP- UX), 955 sprintf, 69 SSI (Server- Side Includes), 615, 621-622 stack dumps (HP-UX), ... 980 removable media, 989-990 root, changing shelL 991 root logins, 990 SCSI disks, 992 troubleshooting, 997-1004 UMBC Web site, ... 1012 history, 1009 password aging, 532-533 Portage, 1012 programming, 1010 shared libraries, 1011 standard style, 1011-1012anbsp;...

Title:UNIX unleashed
Author:Robin Burk, David B. Horvath
Publisher:Sams - 1997-11


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