Unlikely Liberal

Unlikely Liberal

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Zency, a veteran political journalist and editorial page editor for the Anchorage Daily News for 21 years, covered Alaska politics and wrote numerous editorials about Palins performance as governor. Author demonstrates that Palin was bipartisan, pragmatic, and surprisingly progressive as a governor who rankled her social conservative supporters frequently with her positions on anti-gay rights measures, pro-choice, and other issues. Documents how following her failed 2008 bid for the vice presidency, her mishandling of trooper gate, q and forays into the partisan brawling of national politics, made her position politically untenable as mounting legal bills, and growing strains on her family life, lead to her resignation. Very likely the most balanced assessment of Palins tenure as governor anyone will publish.Palin took her time deciding whether to restore the habitat divisiona€”about a year and a half into her term. ... During Palina#39;s time in office, the oil company BP had a series of embarrassing pipeline leaks on Alaskaa#39;s North Slope. ... Although Palin eventually got the funding for more oversight, $5 million, three years later, Alaska didna#39;t have much to show for it, according to Richard ... a€œThe first two years and first million dollars were largely wasted on preliminaries, a€ he wrote in late 2009.

Title:Unlikely Liberal
Author:Matthew Zencey
Publisher:Potomac Books, Inc. - 2012


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