Untangling the Web

Untangling the Web

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Use the internet like a real spy. Untangling the Web is the National Security Agency's once-classified guide to finding information on the internet. From the basic to the advanced, this 650-page book offers a fascinating look at tricks the qreal spiesq use to uncover hidden (and not-so-hidden) information online. Chapters include: Google hacks Metasearch sites Custom search engines Maps a mapping Uncovering the invisible internet Beyond search engines: Specialized research tools Email lookups Finding people Researching companies A plain english guide to interworking Internet toolkits Finding ISPs Cybergeography Internet privacy and security ....and over a hundred more chapters. This quote from the authors hints at the investigative power of the techniques this book teaches: Nothing I am going to describe to you is illegal, nor does it in any way involve accessing unauthorized data, [...but] involves using publicly available search engines to access publicly available information that almost certainly was not intended for public distribution. From search strings that will reveal secret documents from South Africa ( filetype: xls site: za confidential ) to tracking down tables of Russian passwords ( filetype: xls site: ru login ), this is both an instructive and voyeuristic look at how the most powerful spy agency in the world uses Google.The NSAa#39;s Guide to Gathering Information on Google Nsa. IP or Domain [ response ip Traceroute Output: 1 2 3 4 5 at 16 21844 2184a 21644 21844 ?01$ 06!]? 911-07 UNCLASSIFIEDha#39;FGa#39;R-Ga#39;FFla#39;Gl-A-IrU-S-EG-N-Elza#39;.As.a#39;i..L-a#39; lLiLwLEi DJ.

Title:Untangling the Web
Publisher:Peter Young - 2013-05-15


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