Updating and Fleshing Out the Development Agenda

Updating and Fleshing Out the Development Agenda

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In a large number of countries where most of the population barely manages to earn subsistence wages, the success or failure of the economic agenda largely determines the fate of the political agenda, the quality of the democratic system and the potential for social advances. The conventional set of policy prescriptions does not ensure a positive mutual feedback between these two dimensions, the economic and the political. Such positive feedback depends vitally on productivity performance. This issue is at the core of the discussions reported in this book, which explores its variegated aspects with a view to proposing ways and means of approaching it. Publishing Agency: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).So instead of selling a carpet, you just lease the carpet, then exchange it for a deposit or a new carpet: a totally different type of economic model. ... I once analysed a new Ford vehicle, the Ford Mustang, and found that it has 220 different kinds of plastics. ... So you had better agree on what polymers you want to use, what types of plastics, making sure that they become a ... So you engage in pooling materials intelligently instead of selling the cheapest materials to somebody else.

Title:Updating and Fleshing Out the Development Agenda
Author:Carlos A. Magariños, Francisco Colman Sercovich
Publisher:United Nations Publications - 2003-01


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