Urban Development: Adapt or Die

Urban Development: Adapt or Die

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Forced at a young age to fend for himself, Kairome Calloway finds himself immersed in an underworld of drugs, violence and crime. The son of a single and hardworking yet attentive mother, Kairome is an intuitive and resourceful young man. Different than the element that he is surrounded with, he uses his intelligence and wits to graduate college and land a job at Prestige Properties. What he thought was a golden opportunity suddenly turns bad. Corporate America is far more dangerous than any street corner that he has ever encountered. Once he uncovers his bossa€™, Mr. Deluciaa€™s, plan for a neighborhood in which he grew up, Kairome must use everything that he has learned to outwit his boss. He and his crew gear up for a showdown that holds the city in the balance.Set. up. By the time Tone gets to the city all the fellas are at the Cool out. I am explaining the plan to outsmart Red and his crew. a€œHe thinks ... I head to Macya#39;s and buy four Michael Kors watches and almost all the apparel that Lacoste makes.

Title:Urban Development: Adapt or Die
Author:Tracy L Williams
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-03-28


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