Urban Insect Pests

Urban Insect Pests

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A companion to 'Urban Pest Management', this book builds on the issues of insect pests in urban settings to discuss control strategies that look beyond products. From an environmental and health perspective, it is not always practical to spray chemicals indoors or in urban settings, so this work discusses sustainable control and best practice methods for managing insects that are vectors of disease, nuisance pests and the cause of structural damage.Cocquempot, C. and LindelApw, A…. (2010) Longhorn beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae). ... Esteves, B. and Pereira, H. (2008) Wood modification by heat treatment: a review. ... Gove, A.D., Bashford, R. and Brumley, C.J. (2007) Pheromone and volatile lures for detecting the European house borer ( Hylotrupes bajulus) and a manual ... Available at: https://ediss.unigoettingen.de/ bitstream/handle/11858/00-1735-0000-000D-F05D-C/holighaus.pdf ... Ecology Letters 16, 10, 1245a€“1257.

Title:Urban Insect Pests
Author:Partho Dhang
Publisher:CABI - 2014-09-14


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