U.S. Army Zombie Training Manual

U.S. Army Zombie Training Manual

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DIV When a zombie is taken prisoner by the Army, it need not be uselessly destroyed. In fact, just as our Army trains dogs for combat roles, it has a program to train the captured Undead for combat roles. No zombie that our Army can capture will go unutilized. This is our Armya€™s a€œNo Zombie Left Behinda€ policy. The manual in your hands is the Department of Defensea€™s principal source of information on care, conditioning, training, and operations of our Armya€™s Working Zombies a€“ such as Blech!, the brave zombie who served in a capacity similar to that of his canine comrade Cairo in the raid that killed Bin Laden. From basics, such as a€œHEELa€ and a€œSTAYa€ to negotiating obstacle courses, to tracking, searching, attacking, and even zombies working undercover in the real world, this manual shows readers how our military trains zombies to be soldier zombies. Illustrations depict the dos and dona€™ts of zombie care, training, and operations. Contents include: * Zombie-Veterinary Training Priorities * Principles of Conditioning and Behavior Modification * Patrol Zombie Training * Clear Signals Training Method * Deferred Final Response * Detector Zombie Training Validation * The Military Working Zombie Program (MWZ Program) * Facilities and Equipment * And more . . . /divD) Kennel sanitation. In field conditions it is imperative the entire kennel area be kept clean. This includes cleaning and disinfecting each kennel and removing all trash from the area. Employ rodent control procedures for both discarded andanbsp;...

Title:U.S. Army Zombie Training Manual
Author:Department of the Army
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2012-10-02


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