User Manual for Literate Human Kind

User Manual for Literate Human Kind

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This book contains basics of taking the right decisions in any situations you come across. Basic knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology are required. This book holds the data about education and career selection. This book helps you in understanding the system and promotes development. It helps to eliminate the sufferings of all humankind to a limit. It helps in the drastic boost in the field of technology and equipments. It helps in building unity of the objective among humankind. It helps in protecting the future from the pasta€™s mistakes. It helps you plan your future opportunities to utilize and not waste. It helps in observing the opportunities. In this book, there are many ways of increasing the efficiency of the system. Every civilization or species has a past, present, and future. Ita€™s what we have to do in the present that makes the future. This book helps you to filter your thoughts to an angle where everyone wins and no one loses. This book can save you from the wrongs you are about to do. This book also reveals the real objective of all religions and helps you understand your limitations.J.A. Thomas. Nothinginthis world isevilif the directionof yourprojection is for oneness, productivity or sharing of burden. Share your food withthe hungry, eventually your hunger will subsidize, thinking of the fuel productivity. Adjusting is easier, ifanbsp;...

Title:User Manual for Literate Human Kind
Author:J.A. Thomas
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2014-12-16


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