Using Microprocessors and Microcomputers

Using Microprocessors and Microcomputers

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Reflecting the most recent changes in the ever advancing Motorola Microcontroller market, this leading book for the Motorola family of microprocessors remains at the forefront of its field. Discussing today's most significant trends in the microcomputer and microcontroller worlds, it builds upon traditional coverage of 8-bit technology to include the exciting applications of Motorola's microcontrollers - the 68HC11 family - and now goes beyond to include many new high-performance designs. Examines the fundamental concepts of the 68000 families of Microprocessors that are used as the basis of many new Microcontrollers, and offers complete chapter coverage on computer arithmetic and logic operations; accumulator and memory reference; assembly language for the 6800 family; interrupts and timing; system debugging; real-world applications and interfacing techniques, and much more. Now considers the many new developments in the area of memory, and includes new chapters on the 68HC08 family; the 16-bit 68HC12 MCU (with in-depth analyses on the revolutionary new system development methods); plus the radically new RISC type of MCU, the MPC505, that uses a 32-bit Power PC CPU.The Motorola Family William C. Wray, Joseph D. Greenfield, Ross Bannatyne ... c . 0 Q. agt;agt; O V i N ... Carry INH I : : : ff ff - - 1X1 b7 bO IX SP1 RSP Reset Stack Pointer SP *- $FF INH 9C 1 SP alt;- (SP) + $0001 ; Pull (CCR) SP Al- (SP) + $0001; Pullanbsp;...

Title:Using Microprocessors and Microcomputers
Author:William C. Wray, Joseph D. Greenfield, Ross Bannatyne
Publisher:Pearson College Division - 1998


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