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The world's grandest theme park is a place known for its cutting-edge robots, awe-inspiring holographics, and white-knuckle thrills. Stretching out beneath a vast golden dome in the desert north of Las Vegas, Utopia attracts some 65, 000 visitors a day who travel into the pleasure dome via a gleaming monorail to experience state-of-the-art rides, fireworks, light shows, amazing robotics and even a gambling casino. When serious mishaps start to disrupt the once flawless technology and a popular rollercoaster nearly kills a rider, the brilliant computer engineer who designed much of the technology is summoned to put things right. But on the day that Andrew Warne arrives, Utopia finds itself in the grip of something far more sinister and every man, woman and child trapped in the dome are at risk. As the minutes tick away, Warne's struggle to outwit his opponents becomes increasingly urgent - his teenage daughter is just one of the unsuspecting potential victims amongst the crowd in the park. With hair-raising thrills and heart-stopping twists, Lincoln Child takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride which is a complete tour-de-force.Lincoln Child. of heavy explosive on his back, with no instructions on how to carry out his directive. a#39;What is it?a#39; john Doe asked ... a#39;ls he deaf?a#39; a#39;The guya#39;s looking right at us.a#39; a#39;Is he a guard?a#39; a#39;No. just some civilian in a suit.a#39; John Doe frowned at this. a#39;Is it possible ... He leaned his portfire toward the fuse of the golden willow.

Author:Lincoln Child
Publisher:Random House - 2010-02-23


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